Triumphant Victory

Triumphant Victory

Triumphant Victory

Triumphant Victory

This season has to be the most challenging for Velveta, myself and the family, healthwise. However, amid the ups and downs, we can also testify to the fundamental lessons we continue to learn. By placing our trust in the incredible acts of love and compassion of the Father, we continue to experience ‘my grace has been made sufficient in our times of need’. We were indeed not promised a garden of roses as our aboard, but it is amazing when you see the most beautiful flower budding in the centre of the dry, water-absence ground. Then you know that flower is part of a colossal miracle works of the Father.

With these thoughts and deciding to stand on the word, I am often inspired to compose and record music as a reflection or simply as a means to say thank you to Abba Father. We continue to experience ‘Heaven in our hearts’ and the peace of God surrounding our family. From that standpoint, I felt another urge to compose a particular piece of music, this time for my darling wife, Velveta. The instrumental music composition is title ‘Triumphant Victory’, declaring ‘Your praise proceeds your victory’.

Your praise proceeds your victory



During November 2019, saw us introduced to a beautiful couple from Asia. They were dealing with great ‘difficulty’ in the homeland. Again, I had an urge to compose a piece of music for them, which we decided to title ‘Springtime’. We all experience ‘winter seasons’ in our lives, which often seems so much longer than other seasons.

As we shared the word the Lord had given us for them, ‘The winter season has passed, Springtime HAS NOW come’, they communicated that a year previously, they had received the same word. This new journey serves as a reminder to continue praying for our brothers and sisters in other nations.

Triumphant Victory

Prayer Request

Would you continue praying for Velveta as she continues to believe God for full healing to her body.

  • With the aid of crutches, she is just about able to walk
  • Pray for the ministry ‘Beracahmusic Ministries International as we continue to serve the nations
  • Please also pray for the family as we navigate providing the best care for Velveta.

Feel free to contact us at simply to share your personal testimony or even your own prayer request.

Let’s continue standing together raising ‘a hallelujah’ to our King who saves, delivers and extends his arms of love to all mankind.


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