We had a good time in the presence of God with Velveta today, she opened her eyes for a couple of seconds when we arrived to visit. It was as if God Himself was lifting her eyes and He lifted our hearts. These brief moments are beautiful and we have seen them over the last few days, each time they reassure us all that Velveta is there with Jesus and still fighting the evil attacking her frame. These rays of hope in the storm of sickness teach us to keep our eyes on the Lord of all, that He endures, He sustains and He reaches us wherever we are; nothing can separate us from Him.

Velveta is still needing great medical support, and we are in no doubt that there is much to overcome; but our God is able to keep her and He is keeping her! We believe we shall overcome!

We continue to be upheld and sustained by the presence of God and His peace, and by the overwhelming love, kindness and prayers of the church. Words cannot express our gratitude as we all press in to the Fathers presence with intercession and prayer.

God is faithful!