Well here ends another BMI Mission trip – Serbia. Evangelism is such a key aspect of our faith as is the equipping of the body of Christ. 
Numerical growth cannot be the focus of any local church but getting involved in reaching a lost society and the communities we live in. Transfer of believers from one church to another does not reflect the true effectivity of evangelism or the growth of The church generically.
One of the days here in Serbia I was speaking on priorities and as part of my reflection as we now get ready to leave Serbia is this thought – when evangelism dies as a priority, the church has already begun to die. We as part of a local church need to be more outward intentional with our activities rather than inward.
My heartstrings again are being pulled with a passion not only for evangelism but the very reason I travelled to what is now my 115th country. I have had the privilege of travelling and serving with a most excellent team of equally passionate friends – to join the program of the second phase of church growth which is discipleship and equipping. What a joy to have spent the last few days equipping the brothers and sisters primarily from the Roma Community in the area of worship & mission. This trip mission trip has reminded me how linked Worship & Mission are to Evangelism. 
Great that we can all play our part using the incredible gifts, talents and resources God has given each of us. Looking at our own team members, each so very different, coming from diverse backgrounds but sharing complimentary gifting and abilities. 
This particular Mission trip, more than others has challenged me (actually all of us) – I need to do more in the Kingdom of God as we get the earth – all tribes, nations, communities, peoples – ready for the return of Jesus.

‘…the desolate places will be desolate no more…’

Thanks to the team members for joining us in pouring your love out on the Serbian brothers & sisters and the Roma Community. It has certainly been my honour. Thank you also to our Serbian brothers & sisters for opening your hearts and lavishing us with such an outstanding awesome hosting sensitivity. Thank you, Alan Lin, Sladjan Milenkovic and all at The Hub for your vision for this nation. 
Finally, thanks to Velveta for keeping a prayer watch on us all throughout the entire Mission trip. Our hearts for the nations ‘the desolate places will be desolate no more …’


Reflection From Jemimah Paine

A couple of things that stood out for me from last week were …. meeting the Roma community who had huge hungry hearts for worship and to learn more about how to exercise their musical gifting in a more excellent and sensitive way. It was also singing a mixture of Christian and secular songs in the cafe last week in order to bridge the gap for some people who may not have been Christians there. And finally, to really lift Serbia and Europe up in prayer and even cry for and with them for the freedom of their land and for a boldness of faith to rise up in the Roma and wider Serbian community 🙂


Reflection From Grace Adelakun

I am beyond grateful to have been able to play a very small part in what the Lord is doing in Serbia.
In coming on the ministry trip I had in mind to pour out/serve and the Lord has allowed me to come back much richer and full, because of the hearts we came into contact with.
There is an undeniable move of the Lord happening in Serbia, hearts turning, songs being birthed and for me, joining in the sound of worship being released from the Nation is and always will be the greatest privilege.


Reflection From Emma Worby

Significance of this trip for me: Bringing back a fresh understanding of leadership within the worship team back home, including the importance of instilling and nurturing the missionary calling and nature that all our ministry should have inside and outside the church.  Working as a team and learning to give others a ‘step up’ before favouring yourself by celebrating their unique gifting, character, experience, culture and revelation of God. Seeing them start to realise they have the power in and upon them and then, in turn, being encouraged to step out yourself. Sitting under the vision and leadership of more experienced pioneers and missionaries as well as leaders within the worship and church setting. Leaders with a heart and vision to reach the lost and see God’s kingdom come to the broken both inside and outside the church. Gaining a greater understanding of how, practically, we can further the kingdom in spirit, truth with all diligence. Learning the importance of understanding, patience, and wisdom from God. As well as being influenced by the unique work God is doing in Serbia, including, I believe a spiritual deposit that will change many lives and cause vision to be birthed and carried back into the UK and beyond. Also, I loved seeing the receptivity of people who don’t know Christ as they listened to the words of the gospel portrayed in speech and song at the cafe outreach. I sensed a real beautiful openness to the Spirit of God which was so encouraging to witness.