Thank you for your prayers. Yesterday, Vel’s Oxygen level went down to 88. Her heart pulse is extremely high at the moment (116 -120) – we believe it could be the Tramadol they gave her because of the pain, but we are not sure. I told the nurse I would prefer if they did not administer that particular painkiller as it had the same affect on her mother. When we arrived at the hospital yesterday we were surprised that Vel not responsive as when we left her the previous night, we were having a conversation with her (though she did look incredibly tired). Her body was also dehydrated, so, they have put her on a drip.

We are so thankful for a good friend of ours who is a doctor – he immediately dropped what he was doing and drove through the thick traffic to be with us. His presence and advice were immense and hugely helped our family to understand the medical terms and medication that was being administered to Vel.

A great doctor came around yesterday and increased her oxygen and had the nurse administer Naloxone which is a reversal to the Tramadol they had given Vel. Immediately, she came around and was cognitive. The night surgical doctor also immediately ordered a back scan. When I called up at 1.00am the medical staff confirmed that this was done and we will get the results today. It was so important for Esther in particular and myself to see Vel resting before we left the hospital last night.

As we laid our hands over Vel and started worshipping and singing to the song we had playing on Esther’s phone, ‘He’ll make a way, when our backs against the wall …..’. This wonderful nurse started singing with us – simply a beautiful moment right there in the hospital. I asked if she was a believer (silly question really) and she said ‘yes’ and that she knew Vel was a believer as she could hear and see Vel worshipping on her back even though she was heavily sedated. WORSHIP is always the key factor in these situations. I telephoned the hospital this morning to check on her and will be going up shortly. It has been exhausting but we are thankful for the scores over various peoples around the world praying. We counteract this attack against Vel and our family with our prayers and worship.

Please continue to pray & WORSHIP – your prayers are appreciated.