Please continue to pray for Velveta. Engage your spirits in warfare prayer!
Last night her breathing, for some reason, became shallow so they had to put her on an oxygen tank. Her temperature was also slightly raised.

The strong medication makes her conversation incoherent so we would request those who have Vel’s direct mobile number to hold off calling for a while.
Through the many prayers and our cooperate faith, she WILL be able to speak to you soon. Thank you.

The X-rays and Ultrasound have all showed up clear so today the hospital will run an MRI to investigate further. No weapon that will or shall ever form will prosper as we have power through the blood of Jesus.
We know Vel is a diligent worshipper and a fighter (having interceded on behalf of many of you).

Please also pray for Esther who has to sit an exam today in the midst of it all.

We value your continual prayers on Vel’s behalf. Sorry, we cannot respond to all your individual calls and messages, but they are all very appreciated.