Vel continues to make slow steady progress, it is encouraging to see those little improvements each day. The ward staff had Velveta propped up in a chair yesterday, and she was much more alert and interactive. There is a good way to go yet before Vel will be up on her feet and moving about, but we are very pleased with how she is and Vel seems very positive in herself.

The brain specialist has been to see Vel again and is pleased with her progress, they are sending her MRI scans to specialists at the Royal London Hospital. Vel is something of a remarkable case, we will update as and when appropriate on that one.

The primary infection is no longer in the brain and the lungs are much better, but there’s still some residual infection being treated with the antibiotics.

Vel is still not up for visitors but thanks must be said for all the cards, thoughts and prayers:

Please pray for:
– The infection to be finally cured
– Continued improvement in movements and abilities
– Blessing and excellence upon the hospital staff
– Wisdom for Steve and the family as they manage the dynamics of life and supporting Velveta

~ Pastor Gareth Sherwood


As a family, we are truly thankful for the support and advice Pastor Gareth Sherwood has given to us over the last few weeks. His medical background has been immensely invaluable to us and we are truly grateful.

We would also like to reiterate that at this time we are still having to maintain that only family visit.

Thank you all for continuing to pray.

~ Erika Merchant (Vel & Steve’s niece)

Thank you for your prayers