Velveta in the arms of Jesus

Worship is so much a part of this journey, so much a part of the life of the Thompson family and essential in the healing process that is ongoing. Velveta seems to take small steps in the right direction each day, we praise God for every smile, glance and moment with her. There is progress, even though it is sometimes slight; however it is a little too early to predict the long term pace of healing and we are still believing for God to work further miracles. The Lord is with Velveta and in her, and He can do exceedingly abundantly all we can ask or imagine. We thank you for your prayers, and continue to ask that in your everyday prayers and worship, that you take time to sing with us of the goodness of God over Velveta. Just like the Israelites, who went into battle with praise, we continue to do the same; our praise joining forces with our intercession.

For this purpose, Steve has created an extended page on this site that has been designed to aid us all in prayer and worship. Lara Martin is assisting with this, helping to lead us in our intercessory worship on behalf of Velveta.

The pressures of time and change mean that we cannot promise to update you daily, but will do our best to report any moments of breakthrough. For those praying, Velveta remains in the ITU and is not yet ready for visitors. The family would like to express their continued appreciation of the kind words, cards, prayers and the support of so many all over the world.

Feel free to check the extended page and join us in praising the Lord together and lifting up Velveta in the midst of our praise as we declare the goodness of our God.

Dr. Rev Gareth Sherwood (Local Pastor)