Report Sat 24th June 2017

The Thompson’s have been through a testing time. They have waged war in their prayers against fear and doubt, fighting the fight of faith, stirring their troubled souls with the hope of our saviour and healer, and pressing the essence of their being into worship of our good Father even in the darkest moments. I have watched in admiration as they have all wrestled their faith into action.

I have also been so blessed to see a global church rise in prayer and faith alongside the family. Nothing could have prepared me for the tide of prayer that rose up against the enemy. Maybe the comma is in the wrong place? ‘When the enemy rushes in, like a flood the Spirit of the Lord raises up a standard against him.’

A few days ago the family could have been crushed by the words of a doctor that described in stark terms what was happening to Velveta, I sat in the room as they were told of the doctors fears and the very light in the room seemed to fade as darkness laughed in the face of their faith. Her body was being ravaged by a terrible infection and the very best medical care available was only just able to hold her away from death’s grip. The family deliberately kept the details quiet because they did not want people praying from a position of fear or intimidation. The most important thing for everyone to know was that she was very sick, in critical care and needing a great move of God in her life.

So what happened? On Monday night after 2 days in hospital with a slight chest infection and back pain, the condition deteriorated rapidly. By the morning it turned into severe double pneumonia, meningitis and the doctors were raising the additional possibility of a disabling stroke. The infection had surged despite being on strong antibiotics and antiviral intravenous medication. The meningitis caused Velveta to fall into a low level of consciousness, she was unable to open her eyes, speak or move well; we couldn’t tell if the movements she had were voluntary or not. The pneumonia spread throughout her lungs and caused severe breathing difficulties. She was rapidly moved to critical care and the news was increasingly bleak. The doctors weren’t sure what was happening, causing a senior doctor on Wednesday morning to say, “we are going to have to go back to square one and think again.” They regularly changed their ideas of what was happening on Tuesday and Wednesday, as such the family were wise not to release too much information because it would have sowed confusion and that is what the enemy wanted. But he did not get his way and he will not get his way!

The church across the world awakened; they organised prayer, fasting, meetings for prayer and worship. Arms have been raised and hearts have cried out to God.

The proceeding days were hard as Velveta was fighting hard against the infection; there was little sign of improvement. The signs were there but not enough to know for sure, just enough to keep up hope and faith. God is continually looking after us all. Buoyed by the prayers of saints and the words of encouragement, the has family hoped against hope and in hope believed!

Friday was the first sure sign of light as Velveta opened her eyes for a full 2 minutes and clearly engaged those at the bedside. However she still had difficulty breathing and needed medical support. She sank back into a deep sleep, but she definitely seemed to be on the way back to us all.

Today is Saturday; what an amazing day. The day Velveta didn’t just open her eyes, but she clearly saw us all. It was apparent that today was a new day; when Steve and the family arrived and called her name, Velveta opened her eyes. Her brow furrowed and a cry of joy came out of her heart. She even silently laughed when she was reminded of some silly stories. Nothing could adequately describe the joy and hope in a moment like that more than the tears and smiles on the faces of loved ones.

Thank you all for your prayers and encouragement, we continue to ask that you don’t directly contact Steve or the family and continue to resist visiting for now. Please keep tarrying as we continue to pray; the road home has begun, but at this stage we are only on the first few steps. We are praying and believing for total healing with no complications and we are looking forward to hearing Velveta speak and sing to us all.

God is good, even in the darkest times and we will continue to declare His goodness!!

Rev Dr Gareth Sherwood (Pastor)