Update on Velveta – Sunday 25th June

As a family, we would like to once again thank you for your prayers for Velveta.
We are truly seeing the evidence of your prayers.

Today the medical team made steps to clear the fluid from Vel’s lungs. The consultant came out and said, “we have just checked and her lungs are totally clear…this can only be God”. However, we continue to pray for Velveta’s mobility, as this will aid the recovery. At this stage, it is important to keep clearing her lungs. She has many hours of deep sleep. May the peace of God continue to fill the hospital room as she rests.

God is able and we give thanks!

Based on today’s positive news Steve is asking us all to continue with our fervent prayers and in particular, our worship. Velveta continues to be in need of much medical assistance.

When Velveta was not responding we as a family felt it was important that Velveta heard the voice of one of her closest friends, Lara Martin.This was a God-send encounter for Velveta.