Well, last night we went into the Hospital to worship over Vel with the prophetic, strategic word from the Lord, ‘Velveta, Velveta, daughter of Zion …… WAKE UP.’ So, we prayed, worshipped, spoke into Vel’s Spirit and told her that the whole world is praying for her. I still have a picture of my daughters also laying hands on her declaring, ‘Woman of Zion …. wake up.’

This morning, I was experiencing the weight of this period, my close friends Rob Harris (who will relay his own experience today) joined me at the hospital. As we gathered around Vel I said ‘Vel, Heaven’s Army was here last night worshipping with us’. IMMEDIATELY, she opened her eyes and looked around the room. we shouted ‘VEL IS AWAKE!!! I literally saw her pupil focus as she looked at the girls as the called out, ‘Mum, it’s Lisha, mum its Esther ..’. I counted to 40 seconds to see how long her eyes would remain open, then stopped as the tears began to stream down our faces. We then started worshipping again, giving God thanks for this huge ray of Hope. And this, we will continue to do!

As we have been worshipping, our good friend Helen Yousaf has been painting these awesome prophetic pictures (on the right). Today, just as I was reaching out to God, standing against the attack on our family, the picture of Velveta in the Father’s arm came through to my message inbox. We are looking forward to hearing all the stories about Heaven and hopefully, messages from the Lord to us as THE CHURCH.

Esther, Velisha, Jermaine and our immediate family are so overwhelmed by the power of our God, His mercy, love, compassion, His perfect timing. As a family, we want to say thank you so much to the Body of Christ from all over the world that has been upholding us in prayer and such powerful messages of comfort. In particular, our local Church City Gates which immediately began a continuous 72-hour round the clock prayer vigil for Velveta.

Now she is resting as the medical team continue to administer the greatly needed medical support. She is still on the critical condition list. Please continue praying for Vel’s continuous and TOTAL

Velveta Thompson

recovery – she is an incredible fighter with so many testimonies –  no doubt, many encounters to share with us as she sat with the Father. Even now as I write, there is so much more I want to relay, but we simply wanted to let you know that her eyes are opening for much longer periods. I know many of you have been asking for more details, but because of this unusual ‘attack’, the many changes in the medical report (sometimes every few hours), we have been cautious, but speaking life over our Velveta. Let’s continue to do so. There is power and authority in our words. This has been an incredibly stressful time for us as a family, but we have never backed down on our faith in God. Please stay with us on the ‘faith journey’ with us.

We will continue to update you (thanks to Erika Merchant who has been keeping you updated on our behalf with the support of our immediate family, church and close friends). Please continue praying, and most importantly, giving your praise, worship and thanksgiving to the MOST-HIGH GOD, OUR HEALER. Vel now needs to regain her strength as the last couple of days in particular, under very strong medication, has taken a toll on her body. I added this picture of Vel so we can remember the beautiful, powerful woman of God she is. One day we will hear the testimonies and songs!

‘Because of the goodness of Jesus, men are drawn to salvation…’ Last night, whilst we were singing and worshipping over Velveta, all the staff said they were listening closely and they are expectant of our return this evening as they heard about the singing ‘worship’. One nurse said, ‘Make sure you wait until I get back on the ward at 8.00pm…’ They have asked us to sing over some of the other patients. Please join us from 6.15pm as you continue praying, where ever you are as well as WORSHIPING with THANKSGIVING.

GOD IS GOOD, GOD IS MERCIFUL, GOD IS OUR HEALER!!! We are believing for a full restoration to Vel’s health. We continue to see the miracle unfolding!!

Once again, sorry we cannot respond to all the messages, but we are very thankful for all the support and prayers.