Praise Report

Sunset – Glory of God

A few weeks ago, I remember driving home from the hospital and talking with Jermaine, my son-in-law on the phone – he was saying he just needed a word for the day. (We all had moments like this over the last five weeks). Just as he said this, I looked to the right view of my car and saw the most beautiful, glorious sunset breaking through the trees. The trees were so tall, they were almost blocking the power of the sun rays. Suddenly, when I drove a little further and pulled over to the left I had to take the picture (on the left). I simply said to Jermaine, ‘behind every cloud is the never-changing Glory of God, and that this glory envelopes and surrounds Velveta’. Once I arrived home I sent a copy of the picture to Velisha and Jermaine.

We give God thanks for His healing touch on Vel’s body, mind and spirit.  The last few days have seen such major progress with Velveta’s rehabilitation and recovery. The doctors have given Velveta the ALL CLEAR and she will be discharged on Monday, 24th July 2017. This has come sooner than expected. Praise God!

CCU Head Nurse

We sat in amazement as the CCU nurse (who beforehand had assessed Vel and noted how ill she was) told us how ‘shocked’ she was by Vel’s speedy recovery and progress and was not expecting to see Vel lying on her bed fully dressed. By the way, she was the nurse who offered us a priest five weeks ago when Vel was in critical condition. Actually, she is a really lovely nurse who reminded Vel to take things slowly on discharge and to continue resting as much as she can. She also told Vel to feel free to take small trips, including a trip to Southend to feast on the Southend ice-cream. (All this we will do when Vel is ready). The nurse continued assessing Vel and reminded us how poorly Velveta was and how many of the medical staff is talking about the rapidity and progress of her recovery. She noted that one of the nurses reported, ‘Velveta is doing shockingly well …’  🙂

Psalms 118 v 23 says, ‘This is the Lord‘s doing; it is marvellous in our eyes.’ 

She was also shocked and visibly taken back that Vel was already walking unaided – without a stick or a zimmer frame; just a reassuring family member hand boosting her confidence. (After receiving the early diagnosis, we vowed as a family that Vel would be walking out of the hospital without a walking stick and so it will be).


My beautiful ladies

One of the major lessons we have learnt throughout this arduous journey is the power of our words and thoughts.

Again, Velveta was given strict orders to take things slowly. We are thankful to the Medical team at the Hospital. We thank our Father for the needed wisdom as Velveta now enters a crucial convalescing period at home. God is great!

My beautiful family – we are blessed!

Once again, thank you for standing with us during our journey through Vel’s illness and healing. As we prayed and worshipped, we vowed we would organise a Thanksgiving Service. So, on 13th August 2017, we will be holding a Worship Thanksgiving Service at our local church, City Gates Church, Ilford, Essex, UK.  Esther, Velisha, Jermaine and I would love you to join us. We will release more details very shortly. Our God is great – He fulfils His promises. He promised never to leave or forsake us. We have promised we will forever be found praising and worshipping Him through the storms, however difficult the circumstances may be. I was reminded the other day that God trains you through the difficulties you experience so you can handle the assignment He has in mind for you. God sets the schedule. Therefore, we ought to imitate those who through faith and patience inherit the promises.’

After five weeks of being in the hospital (the doctors said it could be a few months), Velveta was experiencing major ‘Hospital blues’. She kept saying, ‘I really need to go home now and almost called her own meeting with the nurses & doctors (actually, she may have done this behind my back – lol). Those of you who really know Velveta can imagine what kind of meeting this would have been. But she made me laugh, as equally as cry when she said, ‘I am surrounded by a lot of sick people ..’ I quoted her own words back to her so she could realise the huge leap forward with her rapid recovery and rehabilitation.

GOD IS GREAT! We now continue to ‘minister’ to the other patients in Velveta’s ward, reminding them not to quit, but receive the love of a Father we trust we have introduced and represented well.  Over the next 24 hours, we also trust we can continue bringing hope and a smile to their faces as we continue to play, sing & WORSHIP publically. We thank God for His favour. Indeed, Velveta our ‘Daughter of Zion’ has awakened and risen, but, it is now time for ‘Daughter of Zion’ to COME HOME. 🙂 We praise God!

~ Steve T.

Praise Report