Album Front cover

Album: Urban Colours

Released: 2007 (BMI)

Producer: Steve A. Thompson

Executive Producer: Angela Caley & Steve A. Thompson

Recorded in: Bradford, Leeds, UK

Throughout many years, Bradford has experienced strains within the community, and this album, Urban Colours was seen as an opportunity to bring together young people from across the city, Halifax & Leeds, representing a variety of backgrounds and experiences. The album, which was recorded in 2007 and was available in Christian bookshops nationwide, distributed by ICC Studios (from June 2007). ICC no longer operates as a company, but the album can probably be obtained via the Salvation Army.

It is intended to appeal to young people and will make an excellent outreach or worship tool with youth groups.

In its time, it was a fresh and unique RnB album featuring songs made famous by Mary Mary, Cyndi Lauper, Tim Hughes, Joan Osborne and Hillsong plus many more!


Album Front cover


A selection of songs recorded in 2006 by Salvation Army Bradford & Beracah Music International. The album was a local project released in 2007. The coordinator Angela Caley was the initiator behind the project and teamed up with Steve & Velveta Thompson to produce this album, giving street kids a dream of a lifetime.

Angela says, “Self-esteem is so low among many people in society today that we wanted the album to express to non-Christians how precious they are to God, and that no matter what they’ve done or what they’ve been through, God can be their hope.

The album features some of UKs top musicians including Mark Walker, LeRoy Johnson, Steve Thompson, Gabriel Alonso and others.