Urgent Prayers for Velveta

On 17th June, at about 4.30pm, Paramedics were called to our home as Velveta was in much pain after attending a 50th Anniversary celebration. We would like to request for you to join us in praying for speedy and full recovery for Velveta.

At present, whilst administering strong pain relievers, the medical team is still trying to ascertain the nature of the lower back pain.

We appreciate the many prayers, messages and calls coming in at this time – sorry I can’t respond to all of them but will be sure to let Vel know that you are praying.

In particular, we want to thank the Chinese community with whom I was scheduled to be mixing a project in Switzerland from today – your multiple scriptures of encouragement have been passed on to Velveta. (Thanks for your understanding!)

We will keep you updated on Velveta’s recovery.

Holding on to Psalms 136 which was given to Vel today!


Steve T.