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Camera & Media Team


Lara, Emily & Velveta

First day here in Cambodia has gone really well! Our first visit was to a development centre where young men and women are taken of the streets and educated. We had the privilege of talking to some of these young men and women who once lived on streets,  one young man in particular,  for 10 years sleeping in shop windows and under bridges.

These young men and women are taught a trade i.e. in engineering or in mechanics so that they can go back and get themself a job and fit into society where they can earn for themselves. One Young man wept as he thought of his past and another told us how he had hopes and dreams of owning his own home one day. To see the work of the centre was very emotional –  talking to the young men and women who, if it had not been for this work that World Vision is doing here in Cambodia, would still be living on the streets. We visited three other areas of families and children that live on the street. We observe the work of World Vision – going every day to teach the children’s parents hygiene and safety. We had an opportunity to play with the children, singing and worshiping with them. Very emotional and moving day for both myself and Lara Martin. ? More to follow.