IMG_2836Day 2 – Today has been the busiest day so far! We started with a two-hour journey by van to visit a school and community World Vision has worked with for the last 18 years. The beautiful children sang and practiced their English on us. After listening to their beautiful voices, we heard stories of lives that have been transformed by the work and dedication of  World Vision as they, through the financial support, have been able to make it possible for the children able to attend school, gaining an education. [soliloquy id="3881"]

We also met a young girl who spoke of 18 years experience and now has become a teacher – teaching children with passion and gratitude as her life has been so changed by the work of World Vision. We then went on to a local church which works alongside the community and World Vision in supporting and developing the area by supplying food, clothing and housing. After observing the work of the local church, we then visited two other schools and family members who have been sponsored by World Vision. It has been amazing taking a first-hand look at lives changed and transformed because of the contribution of the many people who sponsor and support a child and the community. Truly inspirational!