Today, as Vel was collecting Esther from the train station, a mere 8-minute drive, a drunk driver hit two cars and then had a head-on collision with Velveta, totally writing of our car. At this time, I was working from home with a client and received a call from Vel’s mobile. (in pain, she managed to give her mobile phone to the driver of the first car hit by the drunk driver). My neighbour gave me a lift close to the scene, but by this time, the traffic congestion had built up. I had to run about 1000 yards or so. On arrival, I could see that Vel was in pain but stable, having been attended by several onlookers. We thank God for guardian angels. By this time, Esther had made her way, also by foot, to the accident scene,

The police confirmed the driver was three times over the alcohol level. The impact was so strong it deployed both the passenger and driver airbags. Vel was driving alone and as you can imagine, went into shock with some pain from the impact. After the arrival of two fire engines, six paramedics and many witnesses giving their accounts to the police, Vel was whisked down to the hospital accompanied by Esther and myself. Velisha also joined us at the hospital.

It was strange being back in the same hospital so soon after Velveta’s admission six months prior. Many of the hospital staff at the A & E remembered us. Again, we were able to celebrate life in the hospital. (I am sure they are now convinced that Velveta likes hanging out at the hospital) 🙂

Thanks to many of you for the inquiring calls and texts which have been pouring in. We would like to confirm that Vel is fine, though in a little pain.

All the x-rays have come back negative. We are now back home thanking our good Lord that he continues to surround us with His protective fire-shield. No weapon formed …!

Please continue to support us with prayers as we will you – remain focus and drive safely and prayerfully as the Christmas period approaches.

‘God is our helper in our very time of need. He will never forsake us.’ Hallelujah.

I dedicate this piece of music ‘Remain in me‘ composed a few months ago to Velveta, the woman of God WILL continue to bear much fruit in this season. Continue to worship our God, King and Creator.

~ Steve Thompson