Velveta 2

Velveta Thompson

By invitation of World Vision, Velveta Thompson travels out to Cambodia with Lara Martin, Emily Desborough & Katherine Walker.  They are flying to Cambodia to see the work World Vision is doing to meet the needs of street children & communities. For more information on World Vision and to give you an idea of their activity, here is a link to their 2014 Annual Report. ….. 2014 was an unforgettable year for us. Our vital long-term work to bring lasting change to the world’s most vulnerable children made real gains. With your support, we brought hope to millions and reached a total of 5,010,998 children – a record number for us. This included:

  • Supporting 1,161,938 children during emergencies with our humanitarian work
  • Improving the health of 2,601,461 children with our health and nutrition programmes
  • Making 51,566 children safer as a result of our child protection work


Our Annual Report shows just how you’ve helped us transform the lives of not just millions of individual children – from treating tiny babies with 201282710635492malnutrition to helping teenage girls avoid early marriage – but whole communities too. One example of a community successfully managing themselves is East Kaolack in Senegal; populated with families able to provide for their children and give them the essentials they need for a good start in life. The outstanding generosity of our supporters – totalling £72 million – not only enabled us to achieve all of the above, but it also returned us to growth for the first time in four years. Please accept our heartfelt thanks for this – we couldn’t have done it without you ….. read more

Each Day, Velveta will update us on her personal experience in Cambodia!

Every child free from fear