We don’t always feel like worshiping , praising or praying

by | Aug 30, 2016

On Sunday, 28th August 2016, travelling home on our way back from ‘David’s Tent’ on Sunday (a 72-hour worship festival), we encountered so much traffic on the motorway. Eventually, we came to a standstill in the fast lane. Just as the traffic started moving again, our car battery just cut out completely. We could immediately sense what was going on!
RAC said to call the police as it would take them a while to come. There were a few close misses as impatient cars sped by. Eventually, as we in a dangerous position and the flow of cars passing by was picking up again, I told Velveta to get out, so there we were standing on the side of the fast lane.

Unbelievably after four telephone calls, it took the police 45 mins to arrive – quite shocking really!
When the police (highway security) eventually came, they stopped all cars, but after asking, they said they had no jump leads. We could not push the vehicle because the automatic brake would not work as there was no power at all.

At this time, the highway security redirected all the traffic off the M25, also moving Velveta and myself across to the other side of the motorway where it was safer. There was very little dialogue between the highway security and us, so at one stage we had no idea what was happening.

So, in the cold weather, feeling a little confused we just started singing and worshiping. (The day before, we were at Wembley conducting the Rugby League choir and 72.000+ fans in the hymn ‘Abide with me’ – lol! Now, what a contrast, just Velveta and I were singing in the dark, lonely empty M25. All of a sudden, Vel screamed and told me she had been bitten – we looked down and realised we were standing in a pool of ants!! I can imagine how strange it must have looked to the highway security seeing us jumping up and down across the motorway and further down from where we were waiting.

When we managed to get all the ants off our shoes, I held Vel, and we continued singing & worshiping – there is a difference between just singing a song and worshipping while you sing ?).

Anyhow, eventually after about an hour, the security lorry arrived. Immediately I asked if the officers had some jump leads, a question to which they responded ‘yes’.
The car started immediately so we then said thanks and that we would get on our way. The highway security officers insisted we still put the vehicle on the lorry (this did not make sense at the time).
But, when they drove us just 5 minutes as we were near the service station where we could have easily have called the RAC if needed, the breakdown recovery driver told us ‘so you will now need £150.00 from you!!! You can imagine our shock. He looked at us and apologised and communicated that he was only doing his job but could not understand why the car had to be driven onto his lorry, then taken off the motorway. This whole escapade is now under investigation.

However, the point of sharing is – in all circumstances, even when we don’t understand certain junctures, roads or part of a ‘journey’ continue worshiping. We all have to go through stuff, but it is during these moments, the real test begins – do we really believe half the songs we sing? When faced with adverse and inconvenient circumstance what will be our response? To be honest, ours was a mixture of annoyance, bewilderment AND Praise. ?

Whatever you may be facing today – stand firm – be resilient and never stop worshipping. Check your attitude as this often reveals our character and faith. Thank the Lord, after parting with cash 🙁  – we eventual arrived home.