Well, the last few days has been nothing but one miracle upon another. They moved Vel out of the CCU to another non-critical ward – Praise God!

A few days ago (1.07.17) when Esther and I arrived at the hospital, they had Velveta sitting up in a chair. She looked us all deep in the eyes and gave us a small smile. I said, ‘Vel, you will never know how many believers have been praying for you …’ at which she bowed her head as though she wanted to cry. I then asked the other patients if they mind me playing my guitar for Velveta. They ecstatically said they would love that, drawing back their curtains. A few minutes later, not only were we, the nurses, patients and the visitors singing, ‘You’ve got a friend’, Velveta was ‘mouthing’ the words’. Esther has a recording of her even ad-libbing a little. It was another most amazing moment for us. God is great!

A few moments later, Velveta’s sister Sharon arrived with her daughter, Priscilla. They had seen Vel a few days ago and could not believe the huge improvement. As Sharon and her daughter plaited Vel’s hair, we talked, praised God, prayed, worship and laughed some more. GOD IS GOOD, MERCIFUL AND HIS LOVE ENDURE FOREVER!

Then Velisha & Jermaine arrived! Velveta continued smiling at them and all in the room. We had an incredible family time laughing. Especially when Velveta was trying to say something to Velisha (we had to ask Vel to take her time and ‘mouth’ the words slowly. But Velisha was not understanding. Vel then whispered to Velisha, ‘You are not very bright are you…’ – haha! One of many moments when a roar of laughter would be released on the ward. Our laughter, a combination of joy and amazement at the display of Velveta’s humour and the joy of what God has done! God is Great – making a public display of His glory, victory, majesty, supremacy and His Sovereignty. As we continue to pray and worship, day by day we can see Velveta’s natural strength, vitality, health catching up with her spirit.

Yesterday,(3.7.17) her temperature, for the first time was almost back to normal – the medical team will continue to keep an eye on this. However, each time we arrive at the hospital, read a medical report or have a consultation with the team, we are having to balance all the information and data with the returned ‘LIFE’ that is being revealed in Velveta’s body, mind & Spirit.

She looked at us yesterday and spoke with an audible voice saying, ‘I want to go home and I am hungry (still being nil by mouth). HOWEVER, a speech therapist came in shortly and said she wanted to assess Vel’s ability to swallow on her own. As Esther and I watched, you will never know the sheer thrill seeing water go down her throat, then a thicker substance (powder and water), until eventually, the therapist said, ‘Velveta we are now going to try some yoghurt. Haha – Velveta closed her eyes in anticipation of tasting food for the first time in two weeks. Rice crispies was the then added to the Yoghurt. A glorious moment for us, but definitely for Vel!! GOD IS GREAT!

Later on today (4.7.17), we have another meeting with the neurologist (as we have been waiting for various test results to come back from the lab). This aspect continues to be an interesting part of the journey for us as a family. In the thick of the valley, watching the attack on Vel’s body. However now – looking at Velveta’s progress in front of eyes whilst balancing the medical diagnosis from the medical team. Either way, we are looking at A MIRACLE!!

To our many friends, intercessors in the United Kingdom and all over the world, thank you so much for standing with Velisha, Esther & Jermaine and our extended family – for your continued prayers, worship and wonderful support. A journey (which still continues), where God has and will continue to reveal His good and perfect will in Velveta’s life. GOD IS GOOD! HIS LOVE ENDURES FOREVER. Please continue praying and worshipping – the KEY!

We are thankful for my niece, Erika Merchant and Pastor Gareth Sherwood for their continual assistance in relaying all the relevant details (even when the diagnosis was consistently changing).

Vel is resting and regaining her strength and will soon be able to have visitors. These next few days are very crucial, both for the medical team and for Velveta. Throughout this entire attack, we have had to seek God for wisdom, understanding His timing, allowing the healing process (which continues) to flow naturally.

For those of you who are probably walking through a similar or any other medical, challenging ordeal or spiritual attack. STAND ON THE WORD AND REMAIN THERE! Sometimes our faith is challanged to the core, but we have an anchor (the Word) and the Father’s promise. Deuteronomy 31:6 “Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them (or any sicknes or attack), for the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.”

Again, thank you for walking with us as family and more importantly, with Velveta, through the valley of the shadow of death. But let us continue to FEAR NO EVIL as The Father’s rod and staff continue to guide and lead us through ‘the valley’. GOD IS WITH US – GOD IS GREAT. Please continue praying until Velveta is 100% restored and recovered.

~ Steve