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Produced by Steve Thompson

Graham Kendrick

Graham Kendrick

Spark to a flame

Spark to a Flame

Not only was Spark to a Flame the first Kendrick album to be produced by Steve Thompson, but was also the first time that Graham
Spark to a flameworked with Martin Smith who would later form Delirious?

Written with a clear purpose in mind, these songs provide material for specific themes, occasions, and seasons in the life of the Church.

Spark to a Flame includes ‘Teach me to dance’, the popular wedding song ‘Three part harmony’ and the Tear Fund commissioned ‘Beauty for brokenness (God of the poor)’.


Spark to a Flame Track Listing
  1. God Is Great
  2. Yes, I Believe
  3. Our Eyes Are On You (Humbly we gather together)
  4. Jesus, Let Me Meet You In Your Word (Now in reverence and awe)
  5. Jesus Restore To Us Again
  6. Sing A New Song
  7. God Of The Poor (Beauty for brokenness)
  8. We Shall Declare His Praise
  9. Here Is Bread
  10. Three Part Harmony (On this day of happiness)
  11. Teach me to dance
Spark to a Flame Album Details
Released: 1993 (Megaphone/Word UK)
Producer: Steve Thompson
Recorded at: ICC Studios, Westpark Studios, St. Paul’s PCC and Martin Smith Mobile Studio
Is anyone thirsty?

Buy-Online-NowClick to enlarge image graham-kendrick-is-anyone-thirsty-cover-600.jpg

These songs were written during a time of unusual spiritual refreshment in Graham’s home church Ichthus Christian Fellowship.Is anyone thirsty

Recorded live with musicians including Noel Robinson, Phil Crabbe and Kevan Frost, this album captures an enthusiastic ‘home’ crowd enjoying a refreshing worship experience.

Is Anyone Thirsty? was originally released in 1995 but has since been remastered and released as a stand alone album and also in a double box set with Shine Jesus Shine.

Featuring one of Graham’s most well known songs of the last 20 years, Knowing You (All I Once Held Dear).

Is Anyone Thirsty? Track Listing
  1. Is Anyone Thirsty?
  2. Psalm 126 (When the Lord brought us back)
  3. Wake Up O Sleeper
  4. How Good And How Pleasant
  5. I Was Made For This
  6. Knowing You
  7. For This I Have Jesus
  8. Let It Fill The Room
  9. The Day Of His Power
  10. Declare His Glory
Is Anyone Thirsty? Album Details

1995 (Megaphone/Alliance)
Digitally remastered and re-released 2001 (Make Way Music/Fierce!)


Steve Thompson

Recorded at:

Sedgehill School, London UK


There are few more stirring experiences than being part of a great crowd singing from their hearts what they believe and know to be true.graham-kendrick-illuminations-cover

With the combination of a worshipping crowd, inspiring arrangements by Steve Thompson and top class musicianship from the likes of Raul D’Oliveira and Noel Robinson, this recording of twelve classic Kendrick compositions captures the vitality of a live event together with the excellence of a studio production.

Illuminations was released in the U.S under the title ‘Graham Kendrick – Live in Concert’

Illuminations Track Listing
  1. Yes I Believe
  2. God Is Great
  3. The Servant King (From Heaven you came)
  4. For This I Have Jesus (For the joys and for the sorrows)
  5. Such Love
  6. Knowing You (All I once held dear)
  7. Heaven Is In My Heart
  8. Meekness And Majesty
  9. Amazing Love (My Lord, what love is this)
  10. For This Purpose
  11. And He Shall Reign
  12. Teach Me To Dance
Illuminations Album Details

1996 (Megaphone/Alliance)


Steve Thompson

Recorded at:

King’s Church, Newport, Wales by Bruce Pont

No more walls

No More Walls was the official March For Jesus album for 1997 and 1998 and features both street songs and prayer songs.

The street songs are for public praise, wherever and whenever Christians take praise and prayer beyond church walls. The new prayer graham-kendrick-no-more-walls-cover-600songs can aid intercession in a variety of situations, from personal devotions through to city-wide prayer gatherings. The album was mixed in Los Angeles and the U.K. and was also recorded in French and Spanish under the names of ‘Sans Frontière’ and ‘No Mas Barreras’ respectively.

No More Walls Track Listing
  1. 7 Reasons to Celebrate
  2. From Where The Sun Rises
  3. Under Our Skin
  4. Reach Out And Take A Hand
  5. Oh The Lord Is Good
  6. Creed
  7. Welcome The King
  8. Joy To The World
  9. Peace Be To These Streets
  10. God Be Gracious
  11. Say It Loud
  12. See Your Saviour Comes
  13. Come Let Us Return
  14. Turn Our Hearts
  15. Prayer For Reconciliation
  16. Where Two Or Three
  17. Save The People
  18. Hear Our Cry
  19. Say It Loud (Reprise)
No More Walls Album Details

1997 (Alliance)


Steve Thompson

Recorded at:

ICC Studios, Eastbourne and Sedgehill School, Catford, UK

Rumours of Angels

Rumours of Angels - Graham KendrickBuy-Online-Now

About the Advent Event; past, present and future, Rumours of Angels explores the mysteries of the incarnation, celebrates a present experience and anticipates a coming kingdom. It is also a resource of new songs for singers, choirs and congregations and can be used as a live event.

Producer/arranger Steve Thompson leads a band of first class musicians including Raul D’Oliveira, Noel Robinson, Rap artist ‘The Gifted’ and The London Adventist Chorale through the 11 specially written songs.

Rumours of Angels was launched as a live event at the NEC in Birmingham and has been toured by Graham on a number of occasions.

The album was re- released in 2001 in a double cd set with The Gift (Make Way For Christmas).


To use any Backing Track please ask for permission by emailing

Rumours of Angels Track Listing
  1. Can You Believe It
  2. Rumours Of Angels
  3. Earth Lies Spellbound
  4. Nothing Will Ever Be The Same Again (So many centuries)
  5. Thorns In The Straw (Since the day the angel came)
  6. Ain’t Nothing Like it
  7. Seekers And Dreamers (Stars in our eyes)
  8. He Is Here
  9. What Kind Of Greatness
  10. You Came From The Highest
  11. White Horse (Be patient, be ready)
Rumours of Angels Album Details

1994 (Megaphone/Alliance)
2001 (Make Way Music/Fierce)


Steve Thompson

Recorded and Mixed by:

Neil Costello

Recorded at:

The Music Shed, The Church Studios, Jigsaw Studios and ICC Studios