Viola Ruth Thompson

Viola Ruth

Viola grew up in a musical family and was already singing from a very young age. Her selection of songs reflects her spiritual journey in gratitude to God. A God who remains divinely mysterious, graciously merciful, abundantly good and kind in the midst of the challenges of her life.

Viola Ruth lost her sight as a result of meningitis when she was nine years old. There have been many unanswered questions since then, including why is healing sometimes delayed. Over the years, we – her family, church family and friends have grappled and continue to grapple with these difficult questions in intercessory prayers and fasting. The questions about trauma and how we experience God in tragic circumstances continue to stretch her to keep growing beyond all limitations and our trust in the ultimate goodness of God.

We have learnt to celebrate Viola’s many gifts, her voice none-the least and support her in her testimony of gratitude to the Lord. This project has given her a new experience, encapsulated well in the song ‘When nothing else could help, Love lifted me’.

Mum Thompson and siblings.

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Viola Ruth Thompson


Album now available for download

Seeds for Change

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“Viola Ruth is a non-sighted illustrator

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Exhibition will soon be available!

Viola Ruth Thompson

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Congratulations to Viola!

“We are delighted to inform you that Viola’s artwork has been given a Highly Commended Award selected by the gallery staff.”

~ Bethlem Gallery

Amanda from Bethlem Gallery says, “The gallery feels it is important to reward artists who are making work that is different and shows potential. Viola’s artwork fits both criteria and we are so pleased to acknowledge the work that Viola is creating.