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One Voice One Song

State of Mind Sport in partnership with Beracah Ministries International are releasing our first charity song.

The Rugby League choir that sang at the Challenge Cup final in 2016 under the musical direction of Steve Thompson met during the pandemic lockdown online.

The choir wanted to do something special, and Steve has written a song with Graham Kendrick to support the rugby league World Cup. The song will raise funds for State of Mind Sport’s work to provide mental fitness sessions in all rugby league clubs across the country and train a mental health first aider in every club to leave a lasting legacy of mental fitness and to prevent suicide.

One Voice, One Song (We are united)

As part of the Covid 19 challenge, we were not permitted to use our voices as we normally would. There were forced closures of studios and cancellations of public performances and concerts. We were also forced to communicate through masks as best we could. We as performers, artists, and singers have become more aware of the significance and power of voice usage in our personal lives as well as in our careers.

The season, however, created a deeper awareness of our reliance on one another as well as our individuality and special qualities.

In the middle of our vocal recording session at Hertz 80 studio, with diverse individuals who had just met for the first time, I asked them to take a moment to look around the room at each other. The moment was a beautiful one, recognising that each one of us plays an important and unique role in making the world a better place. Rugby coaches, professional singers, and amateurs applauded each other.

Together all the harmonies, the blend of tones, and the unique voices of all the individuals made up ONE VOICE singing one song.

~ Steve Thompson (Producer, arranger & co-writer)

One Voice One Song

The song’s chorus is based on rugby league and you will soon be singing along:

We are united

Standing as one

We’re not divided

Together we’re strong

Come on you heroes

We’re cheering you on

Never give up no

Not backing down

SOMS Rugby League Choir

Singing in groups helps to forge social bonds, it also does so particularly quickly, acting as an excellent icebreaker.

Community singing is effective for bonding large groups, making it an ideal behaviour to improve our broader social networks and can boost your mental health and research suggests that feeling part of a cohesive social group can add to the experience of using your voice to make music. Singing not only increases oxygen levels in the blood but triggers the release of “happy” hormones such as oxytocin, which is thought to help lower stress levels and blood pressure. Benefits of choral singing for social and mental wellbeing: qualitative findings from a cross‐national survey of choir members Laetitia Livesey (Journal of Public Health) – The results indicate that benefits of singing may be experienced similarly irrespective of age, gender, nationality or wellbeing status.

BMI Activity

BMI Choir At NTA

Indigo Television contacted BMI, commissioning them to create a choir and arrange and perform the song ‘You raise me up‘ for the opening of the 25th Anniversary of the National Television Award 2020

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