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‘Learn to play your favourite song after just four lessons with Steve Thompson’

Play by ear

For those who have had traditional lessons in the past, lessons with Beracah Music will enable you to break away from written sheet music and learn to play any song on your keyboard, bass or even the guitar by ear. You will also learn how to play along with other musicians through the usage of a ‘computerised virtual band’.

Lessons for Beginners

For beginning piano students, Steve Thompson’s technique of teaching is an ideal way to gain a quick understanding of music theory & the keyboards. As a multi-instrumentalist & lecturer, he will help your quickly establish a passion for learning and developing on your chosen instrument.

Lessons for advanced musician

For the advanced musicians, Steve can also teach you how to play in different styles utilising various keyboards including synthesisers, drum, and bass technique. Also, playing along with a midi file or a backing track. You will discover how learning a new instrument is not difficult at all, but very enjoyable.

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Piano and Keyboard students who are brand new to music. – Those who already play the piano or keyboard from written sheet music, but would like to break away and play by ear. By learning to play the piano using various powerful techniques, Steve Thompson will help you to unleash your creative potential as a songwriter, accompanist and musician!

These piano lessons will also aid your songwriting skills. By the way, on popular demand, Steve also offers tutorials in songwriting, music production and arranging. If these music lessons are of interest to you and you need more information, please contact Steve Thompson