With three decades in the music industry, having worked with household names, travelled to more than 100 nations, and been given a Step Forward Award celebrating services to Christian and gospel music, the world might expect producer, composer and lecturer Steve Thompson to rest on his laurels, but that couldn’t be further from the truth…

The way Steve spends his time and lifts others up testifies to the humble, perceptive and generous heart he has for God’s kingdom, behind what is an impressive CV. He and his beloved wife Velveta (also a gifted musician) recently relocated to the Midlands and are ready for the next phase of God’s plan for their ministry, Beracahmusic Ministries International.

Steve’s late father Rev Sydney Thompson was a pioneer in the New Testament Church of God, and Steve grew up listening to his sermons, but God’s power particularly impacted him when he witnessed a healing at a church conference. ​I remember saying, ​God I have heard about you, and that you can heal, but I have never seen a healing. God is the healer, it is not the man but the Holy Spirit at work through the man.’ That was a distinct moment of faith catching up with my theology.”

As a fledgling musician in the Majestic Singers (one of the first Black UK gospel groups) and through organic worship in his church, Steve was immersed in instruments throughout childhood: ​We didn’t have the structured worship leader system in my father’s church, anyone could start a song! You found the key and got on with it!” Steve laughs, ​That was my musical education, learning the song while you played it. But what we did learn about then was what was a community, how to function and serve one another in community.”

In 1987, Steve followed God’s call to Bible college in Germany. While there, he was offered a glittering career opportunity, but when he went to discuss it with the college principle he was challenged by his response: ​what is in your heart?” the principal pressed. Although Steve ​knew all the spiritual rhetoric”, he had never been asked that before, which gave him pause for thought. He decided to freshly press in; on prayer walks in the German forest, seeking a reason why theological study was so urgent, he heard this word from God: ​When you go back to the UK, I will use you to aid in the converging of the Black and White churches.”

A huge part of where I am today is walking in obedience and how to listen to the voice of Jesus.

When Steve returned from Germany after his studies, he was invited to lead worship with Graham Kendrick at Spring Harvest. They started working together, and Steve has since produced many of his albums. Decades later, and now a mentor himself, Steve still seeks out Graham’s advice. The word God
gave to Steve at college rang true when Graham asked him to give three months out of his life to facilitate worship in Black and White churches.

Steve reflects, ahuge part of where I am today is walking in obedience and how to listen to the voice of Jesus.” When Velveta fell ill and went into a coma for five days, Steve’s faith was challenged. Eventually, the Spirit prompted him to pray ​Daughter of Zion, awake!’ His prayer was answered when Velveta miraculously woke up. Steve shares, ​We all have challenges but in that we learn how good the Father is.” During that hard time, Steve found out that his and his family’s worship had moved people’s hearts in the hospital, as they listened through the wall.

Though Steve is an introvert and loves working on music projects, he loves people too, as he travels internationally to equip worshippers. As arranger and co-producer for French worship band EXO, his arrangements have blessed audiences in French-speaking nations such as the Ivory Coast.

There are multiple strings to Steve’s bow, but the common thread is to be ​faithful to the calling”, which he says is the greatest value his father Sydney instilled in him. Steve remembers asking his father why there are so many disparities in various ministries. Sydney reminded him of the most important thing: that the gospel goes out. Sydney even preached his last sermon to Steve on his deathbed, drawing him near and saying: ​I’m taking off my shoes – and putting on my robe.”

Steve is keen to prepare his students for life by ​teaching life principles as well as the content,” as he lectures at London School of Theology. Through God-given skills, hard work, and mentors who recognised his gifts, today Steve has a readiness to do the same for others. It’s clear that Steve is not interested in plaudits but in the revelation that becoming a worship leader involves laying down the instrument and recognising what God can do beyond it: ​Becoming is greater than achieving.”


Steve and Velveta are looking forward to how God will keep using them: ​We believe some revival is about to take place in the Midlands; we don’t see the picture fully but walk in obedience. Somehow the right doors open and close… We learnt over the years to really trust God.”

~ Written by Helen Locke (Evangelical Alliance)