Thompsons relocate to the Midlands, UK Raising the next generation of singers and musicians Working together with local churchesContinue to sow seeds and build on our father's foundations

Beracahmusic Ministries International

Having discussed, prayed, and consulted extensively, in May 2023, Steve & Velveta Thompson relocated to Solihull in the Midlands to work with Renewal Christian as Creative Director, while Velveta will join the team as Worship Coordinator.

After just over four months, both Steve & Velveta resigned from their positions for several reasons. Steve continues to teach part-time at the London School of Theology.

Through their ministry, Beracah Music, Steve and Velveta will continue the ministry work by facilitating production work, songwriting and collaborations with artists, worship leaders, musicians and singers. Their primary focus is helping raise and develop the next generation of leaders, working alongside numerous churches and organisations in the UK and overseas.

Their daughter, Esther Thompson, continues to study at the London School of Theology, and their eldest daughter, Velisha Lynch, continues to raise her family and develop her ministry with her husband, Jermaine Lynch.

New Season for Steve & Velveta

Steve says…

“It’s important to understand the changing seasons, regardless of their lengths. However, there are times when one has to trust God beyond what they can see in the natural world and have faith in what He continues to say through His word. Even when the change of season seems to contradict what one thought was clear in their heart, mind, and spirit.”

For God alone, my soul waits in silence . . . my hope is from him” (Psalm 62:1, 5). As we wait for God to answer our prayers, we can ask Him for the grace to wait patiently and listen attentively. We can seek support from trusted fellow believers, and in our case, God-mentors, for encouragement. It’s also important to keep reading and studying His word, asking Him to help us hear Him clearly. Above all, we should strive to obey Him in every moment of our lives.